About Us

NABIP Capital Area was chartered on January 28, 2000, as a local chapter of the National Association of Benefit and Insurance Professionals (NABIP). We are a professional association whose membership is comprised primarily of insurance agents and brokers and insurance company representatives. Representing 20,000+ members across the nation, NABIP is the only national association working solely on behalf of individual health insurance agents and the consumers they serve today. NABIP membership makes you part of an elite group of health insurance professionals. NABIP’s vision statement is that every American will have access to private-sector solutions for health, financial, and retirement security and the services of insurance professionals.

Our members participate in local, state, and federal legislative development. NABIP Capital Area provides monthly membership programs for the professional and educational development of our membership and community outreach through various community service projects


Don Griesheimer – President, NABIP Capital Area 
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